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'We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty' 


Who I am


I am a fully qualified and experienced integrative child and adolescent counsellor and mother of two, who is specialised in working with young people and those close to them. I am passionate about working with this age group as I believe offering support at an early age can not only prevent difficulties later in life, but also offer useful coping mechanisms for the future. It is said that it is easier to build strong children than repair broken adults. Being a parent myself I have found that raising children lends itself to ongoing challenges and I would argue that it is far from 'easy'. However I am a firm believer that when we support young people through their struggles and when we help them to increase their resilience, the chances of them becoming 'broken' adults are drastically reduced.


Apart from my private practice, I have experience as a counsellor and therapist at Victim Support, where I have supported young victims of serious crimes and ran a project with the youth offending team. In addition, I trained and worked for Place2Be, an organisation that provides therapeutic support within schools. I have worked in both primary and secondary schools, and continue to do so, currently in Tunbridge Wells.

Over the years I have supported young people on issues such as loss, grief, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, low confidence, domestic violence, anger and aggressive behaviours, tics, OCD, depression, suicidal thoughts, selective mutism, bullying, abuse and divorce. 

I continue to be passionate about my work and the importance of helping young people reach their full potential. I believe in working systemically, engaging with both the child and those close to the child. I am a firm believer that keeping the young person at the centre of support efforts is the most effective way of achieving positive change.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work according to their Ethical Guidelines.

BACP Membership Number: 375041

How I work


I offer both parent consultations and therapeutic work with young people. Sometimes it can be helpful for parents to discuss their worries about their child's emotional wellbeing prior to embarking on therapy, and we can think together about ways of providing support. Information from parents / carers is essential in helping me to gain a good understanding of your child’s needs. If a therapeutic intervention is thought to be beneficial I offer both short and long term counselling, depending your child’s need and ongoing assessments. 

Therapeutic Work with children and adolescents 

Every young person is unique and my integrative  approach (including play therapy) will be tailored to what best suits your child. 

What is one-to-one therapy?

The sessions I offer last for 50 minutes, and will ideally be held on the same day and at the same time each week. These sessions give your child the opportunity to express their feelings using play, art or simply through talking. 

Will I talk to anyone about the sessions?

Parents and carers are invited to meet with me during and after counselling to  share feedback on how their child is using the sessions and any general themes arising from them. I will receive continual clinical supervision in line with ethical BACP guidelines. It is my responsibility to keep children safe and I follow safeguarding procedures as and when required. All other information shared by your child during their counselling sessions will remain confidential.

How do I evaluate if the counselling is working?

How your child is using their sessions and the impact of the work on their wellbeing and academic learning will be monitored through ongoing assessments and interviews. It is important to collect this information regularly to learn about how to give the best possible service to children and their families.

What if counselling is not working?

Counselling doesn't work for everyone; it may not be the right time, your child might be reluctant to engage, or there may be a different, more relevant form of intervention for your child. Continual evaluation will help me to advise you and your child whether alternative forms of support are more appropriate.


My goal

I will be there to offer support for every step of your child's journey. My goal is to help your child grow from their struggles, heal from their pain, and move forward to where they can and want to be.

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